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Let's talk contests

Hey Tomopop readers,

Hope you're all doing well. I popped into the C-Blogs here because I wanted to talk about something with you guys directly, and that would be contests. Specifically, I wanted to mention two things:

1.) Megapixel and Micropixel are both going to return. Sorry about not hosting them the past two months; things have been a little busy on our end. But we fully intend on starting them up again soon; stay tuned for info on when.

2.) The main reason I'm writing up this blog entry is because I'd like to know what you guys are interested in for contests. I'm hoping we can run a few more of them for the remainder of 2013, and it helps me to know what you guys like and don't like specifically. Do you want them to be comment and random draw to win? Something more like Mega/Micropixel that requires entrants to produce something? What kind of prizes are you interested in, too? Gashapon and blind-boxed figures? Or a bigger prize, but with a longer entry period like we do with Megapixel?

Let me know in the comments below; your suggestions can definitely go a long way in helping to shape how we do contests in the future. Thanks a bunch! :D
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