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Tomocast 48: Pre-SDCC Madness

At the time of this post, it's only 15 days until San Diego Comic Con. With time ticking down, you know that there'd be a ton of exclusive announcements and let me tell you, companies have definitely unleashed the floodgates. Everything fro...

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Tomocast 47: Megahobby Expo

Hot damn, you've got to love the summer months. All of you favorite companies are ganging up to show you the toys that you're going to drool over during the summer months. Then, of course, try to figure out how to pay for said toys when the...

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Tomocast 46: C2E2 & Wondercon

You know it's the beginning of Summer when the events start to happen every couple of weeks. In short proximity, we had C2E2 and Wondercon occur, so you know that those are the main topic of the latest episode of Tomocast. Andres Cerrato an...

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Tomocast 45: Beware Heel Andres

Hey folks, welcome back to the Tomocast. In this episode, we learn a very important lesson: do not poke or annoy Andres on a bad day. He'll turn heel on you faster than you can say swerve. On the toy end of things, we cover the best of the ...

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Tomocast 44: The most unfortunate spin

Welcome back to the Tomocast! Once again, I'm joined by Andres Cerrato and Rio McCarthy, back from the adventure known as life. Since the three of us have been in the same approximate area in the recent past, we're buzzing with excitement t...

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Tomocast 43: Dragon Dagger beatings

Welcome back to the Tomocast! Sorry for the delay folks, real life snuck out from its cage and proceeded to maul all of us. No matter, we're back with a brand new episode. I was joined by Andres Cerrato and Tianxiao Ma to talk about the lat...

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Tomocast 42: Toy Fair 2014

Hey everybody, we're back with another episode of the Tomocast! For this episode, I'm joined by Andres Cerrato and Rio McCarthy to talk about our Toy Fair 2014 coverage. We discuss some of the better things to come out of the event, as well...

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Tomocast 41: Wonder Festival 2014 Winter

Hark, what is that sound? Is that the wind traveling through the canyons formed by the rivers of time? Nay, it is the wondrous voices of the hosts of Tomocast! That's right folks, after an extended hiatus, Tomocast is back. The podcast that...


Tomocast 40: Gundam

SURPRISE TOMOCAST! Due to scheduling difficulties, I wasn't able to get a question post up. My deepest apologies, dearest Tomocast listeners. To make up for it, I brought on a trio of guests that will surely entertain you. To help me discus...


Tomocast 39: Erick Scarecrow

One of the things I wanted to do when I took over hosting duties for Tomocast was to try and get some special guests. Unfortunately, life and shiny things got in the way and I never got my stuff together. Luckily, I finally decided to ...


Tomocast 39: Erick Scarecrow records tomorrow!

Hello folks, it's time yet again for Tomopop's official podcast to record! Joining me is Kristina Pino and Brian Szabelski, along with special guest Erick Scarecrow from ESC Toy. We're going to be talking to him about his life, his art and ...


Tomocast is now on iTunes!

You've been asking for it for a while now, so I'm glad to announce that Tomocast is back on iTunes! You'll be able to reach the Tomocast page here, so go and leave us comments and ratings! For those of you that want older episodes, I'm goin...


Tomocast 38: Disney

After a couple of delays, we've finally got our Disney episode out! Listen as Kristina, Rio, Natalie and I ruminate about our memories involving the world's most famous mouse. We talk about our favorite movies, shorts and TV shows. A note: ...


[UPDATE] Tomocast 38: Disney records tonight!

[UPDATE: Due to internet problems, we had to push back the recording to THIS Wednesday. Be sure to get those questions in!] Hey there folks, it's time for us to record another a Tomocast and we need your questions! This episode, I'll be joi...


Tomocast 37: Photography

[update: fixed the download link. Thanks Tian!] After a couple of technical difficulties, I'm happy to announce that episode 37 of Tomocast is out in the wild! This time around, we tackle photography, a subject that is near and dear to quit...


Tomocast 37: Photography records tonight!

That's right folks, it's time for another episode of Tomocast! This time, our subject is going to be focused not on toys, but on how to photograph them. I'll be joined by our community manager Kristina Pino and Happy Soda's Super Rats in a ...


Tomocast 36: Toy Story 2 Commentary

After a bit of extra time, I'm glad to bring you Tomopop's Toy Story 2 commentary! I was joined by Kristina Pino, Rio McCarthy and Jonathan Tubbs as we sat down and watched Pixar's first sequel, which proved to be quite an amusing hour and ...


Tomocast 36: Toy Story 2 Commentary records tonight!

That's right folks, it's time for another Tomocast Commentary! This time around, we'll be continuing our Disney trend and our movie is none other than Toy Story 2. There'll be good times, there'll be sad times and more importantly, there'll...


Tomocast 35: Listener Questions

So here's that thing where we record our voices and splice it together with energetic music. It's called the Tomocast and this is its 35th episode. After being absent for so long, we figured it made sense to find out what you, the Tomopop r...


Tomocast 35 records tonight, give us questions!

It's been so long since we've recorded a Tomocast that we've decided to open the show up to you guys. Send us your questions that will be answered by Rio, Jonathan, Kristina and myself and we'll answer them. The more interesting and bizarre...


Tomocast 34: Dragon Ball Z

Wow, that took a while, huh? Well, when you combine a company that suddenly decides to drop a majority of the podcasts they host and the rigors of day-to-day life, sometimes it takes a bit of time to get things rolling again. Thankfully, th...


Tomocast 34: Dragon Ball Z records tonight

It's finally that time folks. After all the hype on (and off) the air, Tomocast will finally be hitting up Akira Toriyama's animated classic, Dragon Ball Z. We'll of course be talking about the series that was and still is such a big hit...


Tomocast Special: A look back at 2011

It has definitely been one helluva year in the toy collecting community and at Tomopop. A lot of changes have occurred, but the one thing that has been consistent is our drive to bring you the best in toy news and entertainment. It has been...


Tomocast 33: Licensed/Movie Toys

That's right folks, we finally got another episode up! Rio McCarthey, Andres Cerrato and Chris Pranger joined me to talk about the perilous world of licensed toys. We had a good time recounting some of the worst pieces of plastic that ...


Tomocast 33: Movie toys records tonight!

Sorry for the delay folks, but it's time yet again for Tomocast to caress the inside of your ears. Using the seductive voices of Rio McCarthy, Andres Cerrato and Chris Pranger, we're going to talk about licensed toys and the movies/shows th...


Tomocast 32: Macross

This is one of those episodes that I've been waiting to do for a while. I love the Macross franchise, what with the typically excellent music, dramatic stories, sexy ladies and sexier planes. So for this episode, I got associate editor Andr...


Tomocast records tonight, all about Macross

Tonight I'm joined by Tomopop associate editor Andres Cerrato, Japanator associate editor Hiroko Yamamura and Chris Guanche of Mecha & Anime Headquarters fame to talk about the seminal Macross series. We'll talk about the sexy robo...


Tomocast 31: Listener Questions

Welcome to the 31st episode of the Tomocast, where legendary actors are pitted against each other in the comments. Don't worry,it makes sense in the context of the episode. This time around, we have a listener questions episode, where ...


Tomocast 30: Toy Story commentary

Disney and Pixar's animated classic Toy Story has earned many accolades in the time since it's release 16 years ago. All of those rewards pale in comparison to the ultimate prize: the one and only Tomocast commentary. You too can share in T...


Tomocast 30: Toy Story commentary records tomorrow

Two months ago, I promised all the fine and sexy Tomo peeps that there'd be a movie commentary. Ladies and gents, I keep my promises and although it's taken a while, you're going to get your commentary! Tomorrow night I will be joined by Kr...


Tomocast 29: Batman

Prepare yourselves for a doozy of an episode. Clocking in at two hours and forty minutes, this is the longest episode that I've ever hosted, perhaps even the longest episode in the history of the Tomocast. However, it was difficult for Kris...


Tomocast 28: BOYS!

This one is a couple of weeks late, but it was totally worth it. I was joined by Kristina Pino, Rio McCarthy and Stella Wong to talk about a topic close to all our hearts: BOYS! Well, at least it's close to the lady's hearts. For me it's on...


Tomocast 28 records tomorrow. The topic? Boys!

Welp, I've got to say that I'm finally completely out of element. Later Wednesday night, I'll be joined by Kristina Pino, Rio McCarthy and Stella Wong to talk about men, boys and anything that can make a gal squeal with delight. Now, I'm qu...


Tomocast 27: Sentai & Tokusatsu

That's right, episode 27 is finally ready to go! After several false starts, the cursed number is no more, thanks to Andres Cerrato and Chris Pranger. Together, the three of us talked about those Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, as well as se...


Tomocast 27 should be recording tonight...at least I hope so

I've tried to record an episode 27 twice before and fate had deemed me unworthy to pod. I'm going to through fate to the wind and try yet again, this time with Chris Pranger and Andres Cerrato as we discuss super sentai and tokusatsu shows....


Tomocast 26: Transformers

Ladies and gentlemen of the Tomopop community, I'm proud to unveil the latest episode of the Tomocast in the form of our Transformers episode! Delayed a couple of times, it's clear that this was the destined episode, as Jonathan Tubbs, Hiro...


Tomocast 26: Transformers records tonight!

Aww yeah, it's time to get this episode recorded! We were supposed to record this episode a few weeks back, but circumstances forced it back. Luckily, I have three great guests that will make that wait worth it! Jonathan Tubbs, Hiroko Yamam...


Tomocast 25: Nendoroids

I'm not going to lie, this was an episode that I couldn't wait to record . I mean, for the longest time whenever I thought of Tomopop, I thought of Nendoroids. I'm glad to say that this episode lived up to my expectations. My guests Colette...


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