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Zoopi: a Brazilian DIY toy that'll rock your world

12:00 PM on 09.05.2009 // Rio McCarthy

Boy do I love me a good DIY toy, and ZÔôpi appears to be just that. ZÔôpi is made from a white resin and is 100% made locally in Brazil, which is what TazX strove for from the get go. Now it's only three years since he started his original plan, and the toys are getting ready to be released here soon.

For the launch of the project some artists were chosen to customize their own designs onto the toys including jk5, Renato Reno, Luihz Unreal, The Warko, Ivy, Anna Oliver, Sindiso Nyoni and Sandi Calistro. These toys will not be sold, but will be available for viewing in a gallery before long.

The toys measure 7cm tall, 6cm deep and 6cm wide, giving you a relatively good space to work with for your customization needs. The toys should go up for sale here soon, although it's not said what the price is going to be, but you can go ahead and head to the shop and order art prints and stickers if you find some that fulfill your needs. We'll be sure to keep you up to date on the future happenings with the ZÔôpi and when it hits to shop.

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