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Yuna, Tidus, & other FF icons to join Play Arts Kai line

9:30 PM on 02.02.2013 // Scarecroodle

Play Arts Kai: Enabling Square-Enix sell us the same characters again

Square-Enix's Play Arts Kai line is to be visited by an array of classic-ish Final Fantasy characters. Fans can expect to see Yuna, Tidus, Yuffie, Vincent, and others sooner than they may think. (Well, unless they think really quickly.)

Tomopop-goer Veila tipped us off that some photos of new Play Arts Kai figures of older characters were floating around, apparently originating from Hidemi Matsuzuka's twitter account. The interesting part of this is that characters like Yuffie previously received figures in the old Play Arts line which opens the door for all sorts of intriguing possibilities. And probably also a ton of Cloud figures.

While this is great news for people just getting into Square-Enix's figure line, other collectors who already own the older versions may hesitate in picking up the newer models. If they're like me, for example, they might be thinking: "Sure, I love Yuffie and all, but I have the normal Play Arts Final Fantasy: Advent Children Yuffie. Is it really worth it to get a new one?" To the company's credit, the new AC Yuffie's sculpt seems to be at least somewhat improved. The character's shirt has a much more realistic look compared to the previous outing and she picks up at least a few additional joints.

Slightly more impressive may be the Vincent, whose coat detailing is just insane. I can't imagine how great he's going to look painted. The Yuna and Tidus might also thrill fans. Oh, plus there are some photos of the painted Rufus in the gallery as well.

I still don't own a single Play Arts Kai figure but I imagine that the addition of more Final Fantasy VII characters into the line could change that. Of course, some Kingdom Hearts versions of Final Fantasy characters could change that as well. But what do you guys think?

[ Hidemi Matsuzuka's twitter ]

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