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Yuki Mori is first under MegaHouse's Yamato Girls radar

12:00 PM on 10.11.2012

I'm detecting a rather lovely figure by MegaHouse

Space is vast, unknown frontier with many of anime venturing off into its darkest depths. Figure manufacturers are also not far behind with many of these anime titles yet to be claimed. MegaHouse sees just that and is making claim to the 2012 remake of Space Battleship Yamato with their new Yamato Girls Collection series.

Starting out the new series of 1/8-scale figures is the Ship Affairs Division Officer Yuki Mori. As the start of the series, MegaHouse is producing a rather lovely figure. Though eyes of many may wander to the contours of Yuki's uniform, I cannot take my eyes off of her beautiful face. The design of her gentle eyes, sweet smile, and curling hair all draw me in. The pose accompanies the expression of Yuki with her hand resting against her pushed out hip and one leg crossing the other. You can also switch out her arm to one holding a terminal.

Tight uniforms aren't really my thing but I'm really sold on Yuki's face. If you're looking to get a start on MegaHouse's Yamato Girls Collection series, you can find Yuki retailing for ¥7,000 with a release date set for February, 2013. Are there any Yamato fans out there that will be picking this up? Or are you waiting and hoping MegaHouse will add a specific character of your liking to this new series?

[Pre-order at Hobby Search | HobbyLink Japan | AmiAmi]

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