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Your Tomopop Figure of the Year winners are...

12:00 PM on 12.31.2013 // Pedro Cortes

The top figures of 2013!

With the voting done, it's time to reveal the winners of the 2013 Figure of the Year awards. If you remember from the nominee post last week, the categories are:

  • Best Static Figure
  • Best Designer
  • Best Plush
  • Best Mini/Blind Box
  • Best Custom
  • Best Artist
  • Best Poseable (Eastern)
  • Best Poseable (Western)

Hit the jump to see who the winners are, and be prepared for a couple of surprises...


Sideshow's Poison Ivy

In what was the biggest for me, Sideshow's gorgeous Poison Ivy beat out Max Factory's Belldandy and Holy Bell for best static figure. It really shouldn't be a surprise, as the sculpting is fantastic. The transition from drawing to three dimensions is exceptional, especially with Ivy's delicate facial features. Her muscular structure is also superb. Both fans of Batman and those with casual knowledge of the character can appreciate the work that went into bringing this figure to life.



J*Ryu x Vampy's Metroid

Leave it to an excellent artist working on a beloved franchise to take the prize for best designer! Sculpted with help from cosplayer VampyBitMe, this little guy looks like he stepped right off the screen and onto our laps. Here's hoping that'll behave itself and not suck out our juices like the real thing.



Penny Arcade's Twisp & Catsby

Sneaking in at the end of the year are the plushes based off the popular Penny Arcade characters Twisp & Catsby. As they aren't seen very often, any bit of merch that has their visage on it tends to be pretty popular and loved. These plushes aren't any different, except this time you can recreate your own strange and absurd themes in your own abode.



Lunartik's Doctor Who Series 2

In this 50th year since the inception of the franchise, Doctor Who reigns supreme in the mini/blind box category. Despite some stiff competition from the DC Mystery line, the second series of Doctor Who-themed figures takes the prize. I mean, any set that as those Daleks and Weeping Angels wins my heart and cash.



Mijbil Creature's Daenerys Targaryen

What's better than dragons? How about a gal holding baby dragons. Yep, that's what ended up taking the best custom slot this year. It's easy to see how mini-Daenerys won our hearts!



Jin Saotome

While he didn't win for best custom piece, Jin's incredible work during 2013 helped him win in the best artist category. Well known for his retooled and improved action figures, you can rely on him to turn lacking toys into works of art that we all want. I STILL want that Gypsy Danger!



Hot Toys's Loki

Oh Loki, how you broke your heart. It isn't his roguish good looks, his cheeky sense of humor or that wicked helmet. No, Loki defeated my personal pick, which was Chogokin Gurren Lagann. I'm not so torn up though, as Hot Toys Loki is an amazing figure that looks scarily like Tom Hiddleston. So much so that I soon every time I look at it. Oh my!



Mattel's Masters of the Universe Granamyr

Finally, Granamyr is your winner for best western poseable figure. While I didn't really have a horse in this race, I am somewhat familiar with Mattel's work with Masters of the Universe. A buddy of mine has a bunch of them and they are nice, so I suppose fans will be happy to see Granamyr at the top.


Congratulations to all the winners for 2013! All the participants get a hardy nod too. No doubt an immense amount of work went into sculpting and painting all these figures, so be sure to show them some love. Don't forget to hop into the comments below and let us know what you thought of the winners.

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