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You've got to see Martin Hsu's new CRAKENS website

3:00 PM on 06.18.2012 // Natalie Kipper

Martin Hsu's freaking adorable hybrids known as the CRAKENS now have a website to call their own. Being a huge fan of Martin's critters, I can't tell how excited I am by this new development. What does the website offer, you may ask? Highlights include character bios for the uninitiated (scroll over each bio's main image for a fun surprise), a gallery of some of Martin's previous and more recent CRAKENS-related art (you can even order prints of some of them), and a blog, updated with the latest CRAKENS news. 

Another big feature of the website is the online shop. It is the only place to get the legendary Puffer Puss plush, handmade by Lana "Plushinator" Crooks. I have one from last year's DesignerCon. It is so cute and a really good size plush. If plushes aren't your thing, there are men's and women's apparel as well as prints, stickers, and books, for your enjoyment. 

If cute things with a bite appeal to you, I highly recommend you head over to the Martin Hsu's new CRAKENS website.

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Natalie Kipper, Associate Editor/Plush Guru
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