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You can wear Mikie Graham's latest work on your head

8:00 PM on 08.14.2012 // Natalie Kipper

Mikie Graham is participating in San Francisco-based Five and Diamond's new DIY show, "Headdress," which asks each of the participants to put their own spin on a leather aviator cap. Mikie's entry, "Head Hunter," is littered with the corpses of over 20 toys. On his choice of theming, Mikie said:

Being the only toy artist involved I decided that I needed to represent my passion and go with the toy motif for my headdress, a custom toy amalgamation that I am calling the "Head Hunter." 

An updated take on a head hunter's victory headdress, featuring dozens of customized skulls and accessories from over 20 different vinyl toys. From Dunny's, to Qee's, to a Zlik there is a little something on this headdress for every toy collector.

A major diversion from my usual toy work, this piece was a nice change of pace... i just hope I never have to hand sew anything ever again!!

I imagine the reasoning behind Mikie titling the piece "Head Hunter" was to recall the images in the stories of jungle natives lying in wait to chop off your head for their collection. I will say the headdress brings to mind Trader Sam from Disneyland's Jungle Cruise. You know, "Two of his heads for one of yours?" Yeah.

Mikie's "Head Hunter" as well as other artists' entries are for sale on the Five and Diamond website

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