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Yet again, Japan reminds me that I'm living in the wrong country for Mario love

10:00 AM on 07.06.2011 // Chris Pranger

When it comes to loving Super Mario, I just can't win. My price point has to be pretty low to go out and buy something frivolous like a Mario figurine, specifically a Mario figurine inside a mystery egg thing, but living in the US has made that dream nigh impossible. Not for Japan though. Oh no, they have another set of these Furuta choco eggs with Mario characters inside of them coming out in September, or rather kugatsu, as it's Japan.

Still based off New Super Mario Bros Wii, the new set includes Mario holding a shell, Luigi in a penguin suit, a Yellow Toad with a Blue Toad variant (my God, they're Scorpion and Sub-Zero! How did I never see this before?!), a Pink Yoshi with other colored variants, a penguin suit on a brick block (which makes no damned sense as it would pop out of the block and make it just a standard empty brown box, not an intact brick), Fishbone, Sea Urchin, Pokey, Bramball (so that's what that guy's name is), Wendy O. Koopa, Iggy Koopa, and a secret figure which we all know is Mario because why wouldn't it be?

From what it sounds like, there's got to be another set coming out at some point in the future as this doesn't complete the set of Koopa Kids. Also, I'm a hardcore Mario fan, so why don't I know Wendy's middle name? I'm guessing it's Orlean as she was named after Wendy O. Williams, but we're getting nerdy and off topic here. The point is, I want these in a little egg-dispensing machine at my local Pizza Hut. Why must I be teased so much?

[via Video Game Memorabilia Museum]

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