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Wonder Festival: Garage Kits

Wonder Festival 2017 (Winter): Video Game Garage Kits (Part 1)

5:00 PM on 02.23.2017 // Chris Seto


Isn't she beautiful? I have no qualms with professing my affections for my favourite characters. Sitting on the throne at the top is Sheryl Nome but coming up behind her is KOS-MOS and this bust of the android is just stunning! 

It has been a while since I've seen a kit which really fills me with desire but this one has managed it. Sadly, it was not on sale (and doesn't even look finished) so we can only look from afar. 

Aside from KOS-MOS, Granblue fantasy pretty much ruled the roost for video game garage kits, though KanColle still had a presence and there were many GK makers who wanted to make sure that we didn't forget that this was the year of Fate!

But, damn... that KOS-MOS!


[via hanpenplusalpha1up & JisakuRider]

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Wonder Festival: Garage Kits

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