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Wonder Festival 2017 Winter: Nendoroids

12:30 PM on 02.19.2017 // Tianxiao Ma

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I think any responsible financial planner would take Wonder Festival into account (well, provided they collect figures). I mean, look at all this stuff! This is real stuff that is coming!

I'm not the biggest Nendoroid collector but each year there end up being around a dozen that I have to get. Thankfully, there are two Wonder Festivals to let me know what I'm in for.

Recently the number and variety of Nendoroids has exploded. It's a bit crazy seeing, on top of the bevy of anime and Japanese game properties, characters like Overwatch's Tracer or the Disney princesses getting Nendo-fied. I bet it won't be long before we see Nendoroids make an appearance in some kind of mainstream American movie or TV show.

For now, if you have several hours to kill, I'd suggest you take a look at all the tantalizing goodies that are in the works. I've picked out a few favorites for the gallery, but Neko Magic has many more!

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Tianxiao Ma, Associate Editor
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