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Wonder Festival 2017 Winter: figma

12:10 AM on 02.20.2017 // Tianxiao Ma

Gaming licenses and a few classics

By my estimates there were about 17 million Nendoroids announced/shown at WonFes. The figma announcements were not as numerous but there were still some juicy ones.

Just as with Nendoroids, the figma lineup has diversified outside of the normal otaku-oriented licenses. For example, Portal 2's Atlas and P-Body are both joining the line. Max Factory has also announced a figma train. Uh, that's it. A train.

On to the meatier reveals:

  • Saber Lily, with what looks like a really swank base
  • Ann and the protagonist from Persona 5
  • Gravity Rush 2's Raven
  • An impossibly gorgeous Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere
  • Ulala from Sega classic Space Channel 5
  • A super adorable Senjougahara from the Monogatari series
  • The Hunter from Bloodborne
  • Utena Tenjo from Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Rem and Ram from Re:Zero
  • Yuudachi Kai II from KanColle (am I the only one who wants a regular Yuudachi?)
  • Devilman

I'm chomping at the bit to pre-order that Gwendolyn as well as the Persona 5 figures. But hell, it all looks good!

See the rest of the figma announcements at the Wonderful Hobby Life For You site!

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