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Sentinel: Mega Drive Megatron  

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Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Sentinel Mega Drive Megatron

8:25 PM on 02.08.2014
WonFes 2014 WinterWonder Festival 2014 Winter: Sentinel Mega Drive Megatron photo

The Console Wars left many laid to waste. Jaguar, Lynx, and other cat-themed consoles died off while the two giants of the Mega Drive and Super Famicom fought to the bitter end. In a fitting recreation of said wars, the consoles have transformed, literally. Introduced by Sentinel at WonFes, the Mega Drive will now be able to transform into Megatron.

This figure is probably the embodiment of most childhoods for us here. It never occurred to me that this should exist but I'm so glad it does. Now I want a Convoy Super Famicom. Why can't this be a thing I have right now.

[Image via @nukanobu]

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Sentinel Mega Drive Megatron photo

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Sentinel: Mega Drive Megatron

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