Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Real Action Heroes Ryuko

1:00 PM on 02.10.2014 // Martin Siggers

Complete with real cloth lack of clothing!

The Kill la Kill love fest keeps on rolling! After the show made a big splash in the figma and Nendoroid world, it's no surprise to see Medicom Toy jump in and recruit it to the Real Action Heroes range. They're kicking off with series heroine Ryuko Matoi, decked out in her (lack of a) battle outfit.

I'm of several minds on this. Given one of the big draws of the range is that the figures are properly clothed, it seems a bit of a waste to do a character who sports very little clothing indeed. On the other hand, what's there does look pretty good. They've nailed the vinyl look, and the big 'wings' on the costume look great, as do her hair and face. We'll have to wait until a more detailed preview goes up, but suffice to say if you don't mind your gigantic action figures scantily clad, this could be the girl for you.

[Update: A few more photos added courtesy of Amiami's blog]

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