Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Good Smile's scale figures

7:00 PM on 02.10.2014

Natalie Kipper

Associate Editor/Plush Guru

Looks like even more Idolm@ster is coming your way

Armed with photos taken by our very own Kristina Pino along with supplemental ones from AkibaHobby, we now take a look at the scale figures Good Smile Company brought with them to Wonder Festival. The majority of figures appeared to be from the series, The Idolm@ster - Cinderella Girls. Within the series in painted prototype form, we have Shimamura Uzuki and Shibuya Rin. As for unpainted ones, we see Honda Mio and Koshimizu Sachiko. To fill in the less bouncy-happy quota, there was the painted prototypes of Ciel from the game God Eater 2 as well one of Attack on Titan's Titan, which appears to be perfectly to scale with the series' characters figma. 

From Phat! Company, we see little chibi figures of a sampling of the Idolm@ster girls (some painted, some not) along with a teaser image for a scale figure of Takane Shijou, yet another idol from the game.

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Natalie Kipper

Associate Editor/Plush Guru
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