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Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: Sega Prize figures

6:25 PM on 02.10.2013 // Andres Cerrato

More reasons need to be found about why we can't have these nice things

The scorn of many collectors is that of the prize figure. Oh so cheap yet so much harder to reliably get. The newest collection of prize figures by Sega may just enrage you by how much you'll want them.

There's the typical subject fair of figures. A pair of Miku, Strike Witches, Oreimo, Evangelion and even Iron Man in his latest suit. However, completely out of left field is Detective Conan. A set of two figures, along with plush are available for the series. It's out of the ordinary and definitely welcome to see an older series get love. 

Even with the series we've seen many times before, there's some gems that may get you to buy them once again. Oreimo and Miku continue their trends of solid releases while the Eva figures get a refresh with much-welcome renditions Gendo and Misato. There's plenty of stuff to make you wish you had better luck, but hopefully you'll be able to get what you want. Make your want list through the gallery below.

[Images via Akiba Hobby]

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