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Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: Indie/kaiju toys

1:30 PM on 02.10.2013 // Brian Szabelski

Gargamel, Max Toy Co. have some new single-day license specials

Andy from Kaiju Korner was at Wonder Festival 2013 Winter, and he's brought back a ton of news and photos from the indie toy makers who were at the show. Since this is their first big event of 2013, there were a lot of new things to show off, and those included some of the following:

  • CCP and Five Star has several Kinnikuman figures on display in all their beefy muscle-ness;
  • Gargamel had the surprise of the show; their single-day license releases for the event were Ghosts & Goblins figures featuring some of the enemies from the game, Lucifer and two different Arthurs; and Dig Dug figures featuring the full contingent of characters from the arcade classic (and one editor-in-chief's favorite). They also had a new, unnamed character who carries his head around on his shield, which is a cool design;
  • Hints and Spices has a new mermaid-designed figure named Suity-chan who looks adorable ... and perhaps slightly monstrous with the red eyes ...
  • Lulubell and Velocitron's offerings included some spooky-looking creatures which are based on Chinese knock-offs of Pokemon characters that are mascots for an amusement park. That's why the blue one does look like Pikachu;
  • Max Toy Co. is doing evil things to my wallet. No, not the Kaiju Soap items for sale; it's the brand-new Yotsuba single-day license figure they have alongside of the Azumanga Daioh ones. Plus, the booth had the debut of Max Toy and TOUMA's collaborative robots/monsters mini-figure set, and it looks impressive. 

For the full listing and about 200 more photos, be sure to check out the Kaiju Korner post for WonFes. There's lots of stuff we didn't even get to touch on! Plus, on top of that, Andy is a hard-working fellow and he definitely deserves a lot of love and respect for all the work he puts into covering the Japanese indie toy/sofubi scene.

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