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Wonder Festival 2013 Winter : Game Garage Kits (Part 2)

11:00 AM on 02.14.2013 // Chris Seto


And now we're onto our second video games kit gallery. Elizabeth from Persona 3 continues to be be a popular subject for GK builders, often paired with Thanatos as she was in Persona 4 Arena (which Europe STILL doesn't have. Not that I'm bitter or anything) and she helps prove, once again, that making something chibi makes it awesome again!!

Elsewhere, we get a Vergil kit to stand beside his brother Dante (the original, not the "cool by jury of old people" one) and we even get a small set of figures from Dark Souls! Dan Hibiki also helps prove the Chibi = cool rule in one of the few ways he can!

Gotta say that the chibi Thanatos and Elizabeth does look really cool but how about you, readers? do your eyes sway to a different kit?

[photos via Temporary feelings, ToshGK, Plus Alpha, Dengeki Hobby and HK-DMZ]

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