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Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: figma Miku 2.0 & Miku 2020

8:55 PM on 02.09.2013 // Andres Cerrato

Like you expected no more new Miku

It wouldn't be WonFes if there wasn't Miku, so it comes as no surprise there are some new pieces of the Vocaloid queen. It seems like just a while ago we were celebrating Figma #100 and we're already gearing up for #200. Max Factory will commemorate the occasion with a version 2.0 of Miku. I'm loving the clear hair, which means it might be yet another Miku into the collective. Interchangeable twintails will be a huge selling point to many, so hey, more money for Max Factory.

Speaking of money, the new PVC of Miku will feature her TYPE2020 outfit. She's coming in at 1/7 scale and I think I may have found one that I will actually try to acquire. It's a great outfit and the sculpting actually compels me to try and get it, though I doubt I'll have the ability to. I'm a man of words and very little action, after all. 

[Images via 4chan, GSC_Guma]

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