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Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: FREEing

9:15 PM on 07.30.2013 // Tianxiao Ma

Yukatas are well-represented

FREEing had plenty of figures to show off at WonFes, and they didn't look half bad. One thing for Evangelion fans (and for the ladies too) was a Kaworu Nagisa figure. He's sensually thrusting his pelvis forward, because that's what Kaworu's all about.

Sword Art Online's Asuna and Silica were both there. They had yet another Sonico, because literally every manufacturer has to put their own take on the character. The Border Break girls can be seen lying down: Hilda, Cheska, Fiona, and Chihiro from left to right. Nakaimo had no less than six representatives: Konoe, Mana, Rinka, Mei, Noritaka, and Fumiyoshi. They are all clad in ribbons, so you'd best make sure your associates know about your hobby before putting them on your shelves. If one imouto fetish show isn't enough, there's also OniAi's Akiko, who's reclining just enough to give you a look at her pantsu. Kannagi's Nagi rounds out that part of the display.

FREEing had an elaborate summer festival-themed display featuring many characters in yukatas. Here you could see old stand-bys like the Fate/Stay Night and Madoka Magica girls, as well as figures from newer licenses such as Sakurasou's Mashiro and Guilty Crown's Inori.

The last item is Hatsune Miku, as interpreted by the illustrator Ittomaru. It's fairly different from her normal look, although not outlandishly so. I'll be interested to see this one in color.

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