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Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: figma Indiana Jones

4:10 AM on 07.28.2013 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

What? Really?

Yes, you read that correctly. In what appears to have been a leak on the Good Smile Company Wonderful Hobby Life For You website it would seem that Dr. Jones will eventually be coming to the figma line. He'll be joining other western characters such as Robocop, Thriller Michael Jackson, and Spider-Man. Since this does appear to have been an accidental slip on the part of GSC and hopefully not some kind of hoax we're probably quite a ways away from actually seeing just what kind of figure they're putting together. Hopefully the wait wont be as long as waiting for a fourth movie was. 

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Jeremy Emerje Crocker, Associate Editor
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Jeremy Crocker here, probably better known around the net as Emerje, I'm an associate editor here at Tomopop. I've been an avid figure collector my entire life. There's no time when I can remembe... more   |   staff directory

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