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Wonder Festival 2012 Winter: MegaHouse

2:00 PM on 02.12.2012 // Brian Szabelski

MegaHouse brought the wonderful to Wonder Festival 2012 Winter, with a number of new figure prototypes on display! Lots of familiar faces, as well: Kotetsu from Tiger & Bunny and Killua from Hunter x Hunter were both at the booth in their prototype forms, along with the High Priestess Rororina Fryxell from Atelier Rorona and super-deformed versions of Vybort and Super Winzart from Madou King Granzort.

Idolmaster 2 fans will be getting new Brilliant Stage line figures of Hagiwara Yukiho and Ganaha Hibiki, while Ao no Exoricst's Okumura Rin will be joining the G.E.M. line and will come with his cat, Kuro (who is not pictured, but he's there). [Editor's note: KiraYamato tells us that Yukio will be in the G.E.M. line-up as well, even though we don't have a picture of his card yet!]

Persona 4 fans have some stuff to look forward to as well, as the prototype of the upcoming G.E.M. Protagonist has finally been unveiled and is looking quite awesome. But there's also a nice surprise: while the High Priestess line Yukiko was not to be seen, her persona, Konohana Sakuya, made a surprise appearance as an upcoming G.E.M. line release! There's a lot to digest here, so take a look at the gallery and let us know what you're looking forward to!

[Thanks to Tokyo Hunter for taking these photos!]

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