Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Orchid Seed

9:00 PM on 07.29.2012

Kristina Pino

Managing Editor/Community Manager

[update: Thanks to IshokuOsero for pointing out the amazing Flandre we missed! Image via MFC]

Orchid Seed showed up with a healthy mixture of new figures and stuff we might have seen already. The highlights in this case include a fantastic, spunky Panty (Panty and Stocking), Queen's Blade's Alleyne looking great so far, a cute Swimsuit ver. Super Sonico, Asmodeus and right alongside Ignis of the Endless Winter, the all-new Jingai Makyo Series Ignis Nimbus of the Endless Night (Hobby Japan exclusive - pre-order at Big in Japan, Tokyo Hunter).

Check out the gallery for images courtesy our friends at Tokyo Hunter, and as always drop your feedback in the comments. See anything you like? That Panty (header) looks amazing.

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Kristina Pino

Managing Editor/Community Manager
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