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Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Miscellaneous Garage Kits

10:00 PM on 08.02.2012 // Chris Seto

And to end our garage kit coverage from Wonder Festival (for real this time!) we have a gallery of the various kits of original designs, characters which really fit any of the other classifications or simply defied my ability to recognise them (well, mostly. I do think that one of the kits is a Jehuty-girl kit for example)

As a result, we have a rather eclectic mix of items from gun toting girls, to kaiju to Sonico! Personally, I really love the rollerblading girl grinding the handrail and I even think the boxing Sonico is actually kinda cute, despite not being a fan of Sonico. There's also a Shunya Yamashita original figure and the chibi girls on military vehicles were really great as well.

But I must warn you that there is a reason why this was a late night post. I don't want the young ones to get nightmares after seeing the Menma Doll. Oh Vispo, why? Your Asuka doll was OK but this is just plain creepy!!

And that's all she wrote! I hope you enjoyed our coverage of Wonder Festival summer 2012 and we'll meet again at the next big figure event!

[via plusalpha, HK-DMZ, Dengeki Hobby and Temporary Feeling]

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