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Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Black Rock Shooter

8:45 PM on 07.28.2012 // Andres Cerrato

Let's cut to the point. Black Rock Shooter is still very popular and still sees a ton of merch. With the anime giving a license to make them all again, that's what we've got with the franchise.

So far tonight, there are the unveiling of several new figma for the TV versions, namely Dead Master and Black Gold Saw. Nendoroids will not take a back seat either, as the Dead Master TV version not to mention Chariot will be seeing releases in the near future. Lastly, a brand-new PVC will be released for the Insane Black Rock Shooter. The sculpt looks great so far, definitely something to look forward to. [UPDATE: We can also confirm that the talented kiking is the sculptor for Insane Black Rock Shooter.]

Lots more to check out, so stay tuned for more!

[Images via GSC_Guma]


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