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Will you take Gundam Seed's Kira from MegaHouse?

10:15 PM on 11.07.2012 // Jonathan Tubbs

The protagonist of Gundam Seed finally gets a 1/8-scale figure.

So, Gundam Seed is one of those titles I've been told I should watch but it's been on the backlog with 10 bazillion other shows I need to watch. I do know it's popular with MegaHouse alone producing figures of characters such as the recently released Athrun and various versions of Lacus dating back all the way to 2003. Strangely protagonist Kira Yamato has been ignored in getting a scaled figure.

Finally after a long wait, MegaHouse fills that void with the 1/8-scale G.E.M. Series Kira Yamato figure. Kira carries a gentle aura with his smile and pose to go with his personality as he extends his hand. With him is his robotic bird Torii (or Birdy) who appears to be separated from Kira so you can place it anywhere. With all the product shots, it looks like Kira may not include any additional arm parts but he will come with an additional face that turns his kind smile into a serious frown.

MegaHouse's 1/8-scale G.E.M. Series Kira Yamato is retailing for ¥7,300 and will be available in April, 2013. Have you been patiently waiting for a scaled figure of Kira or are you just fine with MegaHouse's previous releases from this title or from Gundam Seed Destiny?

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Otacute | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Big in Japan ]

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