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Who will win the war between Kotobukiya and Alter for dominance of Strike Witches?

11:00 PM on 02.15.2010 // Jonathan Tubbs

The battle between Kotobukiya and Alter continues as they fight for Strike Witches supremacy. Alter only has Miyafuji Yoshika under their belt while Kotobukiya has Lynette Bishop and Sanya V. Litvyak.

Alter strikes back with the release of their own 1/8 scale version of Sanya V. Litvyak that is more modest than Kotobukiya's spread leg version. Kotobukiya will not let this direct attack crush the morale of their troops. They have a launched a counterattack with the release of a 1/8 scale Erica Hartmann.

Both are now available for preorder from Hobby Search. Alter's Sanya is retailing for 7,800 yen and will commence her mission in June. Kotobukiya's Erica is retailing for 6,800 yen and will perform a sneak attack in May. Both are marked 15% off the retail price. Anyone planning to recruit either of these lovely ladies?

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