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Who is Wood-Splitter Lee?

10:00 AM on 02.14.2013 // Jon Wills

A fabulous artist, that is for sure!

So, who is Wood-Splitter Lee? She is a lovely sculptor who lives in Virginia. However if you asked her where her home state was, she would definitely tell you, "Alaska." Wood-Splitter-Lee was a child prodigy of sorts, creating wonderful clay sculptures at a young age of 14. She entered competitions and did well, eventually taking on lots of commission work until she over did it, burnt herself out and took a break for a while.

Four years later, she returned to her art and began to have fun crafting once more, creating these lovely pieces of sculpture art. Some are feathered and furry, while others are made from wood. Several are even poseable! Every one of her crafts are jaw-droppingly beautiful to me. These fantastical creatures look so realistic I would believe that they exist if I saw them in a textbook.

I hope that you check out the gallery, and her deviantArt page to see more of her and her creations, including a custom fantasy Zelda belt pack!

[via i09]

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