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Who is Velocitron?

10:00 PM on 08.17.2011 // Brian Szabelski

Who is Velocitron? It's a small company making Japanese vinyl since 2008, with some very interesting original sculpts. Velocitron startted out with a simple two-part figure called Bechigon, but now, they've worked up to 20 different figures and more on the way. As you can see, they've got a certain horror creature vibe to them, though some like the Larva (seen above) remind me more of the H.R. Giger-inspired creatures from the Aliens franchise.

And perhaps there's some timing to this post, as Velocitron are preparing their next batch of new releases, starting with the Ghoul Lord. He's a rather large and heavy fellow, with the Lord cast in black vinyl and weighted at the bottom in resin. His underling Ghouls are also there in a matching color scheme, and there's also a matching Throne of Skulls piece with the blood red detailing on black vinyl.

Also new from Velocitron are two pieces based on two of Lovecraft's Great Old Ones, Bokrug and Tulu (a.k.a. Cthulhu). They're 2" tall, and in addition to a regular release, there will be limited special clear sets available in neon/pearl color schemes from Ilanena, as well. More releases will be revealed for the new Toy Art Gallery store opening, SuperFest in Japan and New York Comic Con, among other events.

As for where to pick them up? Lulubell Toy Bodega currently has several figures on pre-order/pre-sale status, so check them out. In the meanwhile, what do you guys think about these pieces?  Are you fans of the horror look?

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