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Who is Toy Dungeon Studios?

6:00 PM on 10.06.2011 // Brian Szabelski

So just who the heck is Toy Dungeon Studios? According to their site, they were founded in 2007 as an independent prototyping firm in industrial design for toys, but recently, they've been "working" with Danicus Prime on a new series of resin figures called Sproglits. And I say working because Danicus is Toy Dungeon Studios' owner!

The Sproglits themselves are 3" creatures made from hand-casted resin, with smaller 1" Sproglings appearing recently, too. Their basic design does kind of remind me of a mushroom (especially that head of theirs), but that's just my perspective. And there's quite a little story forming from their backstory of the Sproglits revealed so far filled with high-seas action (via Skullycle, Pirate Lord of the 7 Black Seas) and two kings, one (the Egpytian-looking King Sputtz) trying to overthrow the other (King Sproggy) and conquer the world! Check out the gallery for shots of those three, plus the Forest Wanderer Sproglit you see in the header image.

As for the future? Toy Dungeon Studios is hoping to work with more artists, perhaps on Sproglits or even on their own pieces. It should be interesting to see what comes out of their studio, so I think they're quite worth keeping an eye on! 

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