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Who is Tom Hardwidge?

10:00 AM on 03.10.2011 // Brigitte Coovert

So who is Tom Hardwidge anyway? Well lovers of steampunk and entomology take note, for Tom Hardwidge is the creator of Arthrobots (robot arthropods)! He has been constructing these amazing metal insects by hand since 2010 out of, among other things, deactivated ammunition. Madness! Clearly a ton of work goes into making these and each Arthrobot also comes with a phylum, order, and class designation.

The longer I stare at the Arthrobots the more I reminisce about childhood summers with my aunt and uncle - who are entomologists - collecting and filing insect specimens for the museum where they worked. There was something rather depressing about killing all the little bugs, I wonder if I would have felt less guilty if they had been steampunk crawlies that I had let run down instead? Then I could wind them up and they'd come back to life again when I was feeling bad about it.

The best part, which I've saved for last, is that some of these amazing sculptures are actually for sale! If you're interested in picking up a piece, browse the Arthrobot gallery and then send Hardwidge an email at

[Via Neatorama]

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