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Who is The Farting Monkey Girl?

1:00 PM on 09.06.2010

Resin is the new vinyl -- everyday we see more artists in the toy world experimenting and making their visions a reality in this exciting medium. That’s why we were inspired when Mexican artist Matucha (winner of the Aarting Blankie series 1), decided to share with us a little bit of the sculpting and molding process of her upcoming resin toy.

The Farting Monkey Girl or “La Changa Pedorra” in Spanish, was first spotted in a graphic collaboration between Matucha and German designer SAT. The character received so many compliments and attention, that the next step was to give her life as a resin toy. This bashful little monkey girl was sculpted by Edgar González, following the original concept art of Angie Vázquez aka Matucha. Casted entirely out of resin, the monkey girl stands approximately 6” tall and it comes with a mischievous smiley companion that puts her to shame.

The Farting Monkey Girl will be limited to 100 pieces, and will cost you $300 MXN that’s about $25 USD plus shipping -- an excellent price for a medium size resin toy. You may ask yourself, Where can I buy one of these cuties? Well, you will find it on sale at Matucha’s website on Monday, November 15th witch is the official release date.


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