Who is The Brick Artist?

5:51 PM on 01.13.2009

Nathan Sawaya is an absolutely awe-inspiring artist who uses LEGO bricks to make some of the most epic pieces I've ever seen. He has made everything from portraits to gigantic sculptures and stores over 1.5 million color bricks in his New York studio, and he's always working on something new.

All of his creations are built from standard LEGO bricks beginning back in 2002, and some of them are even on tour at different North American museums as a show called The Art of the Brick. You can find information on the tour dates here - I know I'm definitely going to check it out when it comes near me.

Some of the most amazing pieces I've seen are his full-size Stephen Colbert, Craig Ferguson portrait, Han Solo in carbonite, and the replica of himself and his wife. You can see more images on his website where you can also pick up his book, and check out when the art tour will be near you.

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Rio McCarthy

Reviews Editor