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Who is Professor Milky? Destruction + inspiration = awesome

11:42 AM on 03.28.2008 // Topher Cantler

Let's say your dog chews up one of her toys so badly that you don't want her to play with it anymore. What do you do? Throw it away? Pfft, no, you make your own toys out of it. Duh.

Our good friend Milky recently found himself in this same situation, as his dog Wendie showed her favorite chew toy who was boss. However, just because Wendie couldn't play with it anymore didn't mean he couldn't. A long-time maker of weird and twisted custom toys, the Professor found some glass eyes, paint, twist-ties and paperclips, and thus The NomNoms were born.  

We see all sorts of cool toys around here, but what's even more impressive to me is seeing someone circumvent the limitations of what they've got to work with in order to create something awesome. Milky has been doing this for years, with whatever he happens to find lying around; be it little people made from broken circuitboards, or a family of hungry NomNoms made from a dog toy.

Awesome indeed, and very truly unique. We can't wait to see what he'll cook up next, and you can be sure we'll keep you posted the next time inspiration strikes the good Professor.

[Thanks Milky!] 


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Topher Cantler,
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