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Who is Pina Koala? Handcrafted cuteness melts hearts, not wallets

2:15 PM on 03.25.2008 // Topher Cantler

While designer plush in general is a wonderful thing, there's no denying that some of its magic is lost when it goes into mass production. Some things are okay to put into molds and machines, but when it comes to plush, there's nothing better than individual, hand-made pieces. Allow us to introduce you to Pina Koala.

It's amazing how a tiny, sewn-on smile can turn an egg or a slice of toast into something so adorable, and just looking at Pina Koala's handiwork is enough to put a smile on your own face. With pieces like her Salmon Roe Sushi, with its individually attached bead eggs, you can really see the love and care that goes into each stitch. 

Also of note are Pina Koala's excellent choices of color and material, as seen in her classically styled Amigurimi Bunny; or the Military Star, which has a rough and rugged appeal without losing its cute factor. With prices ranging from $4-18, you'd be crazy not to stop by her Etsy store to check out the full selection, or to email her about special custom orders.  

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Topher Cantler,
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