Who is Moon Fox?

3:00 PM on 03.30.2009

One look, and my heart was instantly captured by that face. Placid and forbidding even the slightest distraction, the Moon Fox sails quietly in his boat under the moon towards an unknown destination which he is neither afraid of reaching or in a rush to arrive at. Who is this mysterious creature?

Created by artist Sergey Safonov, Moon Fox is a new project he is working on this year. He gives only the briefest of info about the quiet beast:

Moon foxes are mysterious sleeping floating creatures met by Gooma on his way to deep north. They floating with the moon light and existing only at the night part of the world.

Sergey is also working on the Gooma project, which you can see more of here. Moon Fox was sculpted with the help of one of our personal favorites, Crazy Label. Safonov says he will make a small run of there available later this year. I hope I can get one, because I'm kind of in love.

[Via ToysREvil]

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