Who is Karisma Toys?

10:00 AM on 11.14.2011

Brian Szabelski


So who is Karisma Toys? The answer is a Spanish collectibles maker founded in 2006 with some nice licenses under their wing right now. The list might not be as familiar to our American readers, but some of our international readers might be more familiar with Space Adventure Cobra, Mazinger, Grendizer, and Nippon Animation's Tom Sawyer and Princess Sarah, mostly because they were series brought over to Europe in the 1980s.

So far, they've got a few figures in the works, one of which we'll be bringing you more info about a little later today. From the images I've seen of their production goods (which you can see in the gallery), they're definitely no slouches when it comes to quality on their resin figures. It'll be interesting to see some of these come to life, as well.

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