Who is Hitoshi Mitani?

7:00 PM on 02.05.2012

Brian Szabelski


Hitoshi Mitani (a.k.a. HitMit or keropuni) is a Yokohama, Japan-based fan of the Android vinyl figure, who also happens to be quite good at customizing them. Actually, quite good is an understatement: he's ridiculously good and very creative, turning the little 3-inch Androids into cool little customs. Some are relatively simple, like the Kyubey above. Others are a bit more complex, like his bug-like Mushi, the Apollo 11 command capsule and lunar lander, a bike that transforms or Charlotte from Madoka. Heck, some of them like his Ice Cream Sandwich Android or R2-D2 even have illumination!

To check out all of his custom creations, visit his blog. You can also find him (not surprisingly) on Google+ and Twitter. If you find a favorite, let us know in the comments!

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