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Who is coming to Animate Girls Festival 2012?

12:00 PM on 10.30.2012 // Jonathan Tubbs

Which companies will be there on November 17, 2012 to display their latest boy figures?

Otome games, anime, cosplay, and especially Boys' Love are all the things you're going to find at the upcoming Animate Girls Festival 2012 event in Tokyo. But what about figures of boys, boys, and more boys? Who is coming along to show off their products of the growing part of the figure world?

Based on past releases, it comes as no surprise that Alter, Kotobukiya, Gift, and MegaHouse will be set up at the event to show off their goods. The list doesn't stop there with other makers like Banpresto, Taito, TakaraTomy, and Sol International also attending.

The big question is what will they bring to the event? Will we see unannounced releases? Artwork finally in prototype form? Prototypes finally having some paint on them? More guys standing straight up offering nothing visually dynamic? We'll find out on November 17, 2012 when the event begins. Even if the figures aren't all that great, at least there's still plenty of BL to go around.

Jonathan Tubbs,
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