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Who are The Stifles?

12:34 PM on 04.09.2008
Who are The Stifles? photo

As you know if you are familiar with my personal blog on Destructoid, I like happy things. A lot. The more ridiculously wide a smile or bright a costume, the more I kind of bounce around like one of the ball things with the handle you used to boing down the driveway on when you were a kid. That being said, The Stifles are SO up my alley when it comes to blind boxed goodies, and I have a feeling some of you will feel the same way.

The Stifles have a backstory, which not enough toys have these days. They are little creatures whose primary concern in life is to kneel and watch human activities. Hey, I'm cool with a happy little dude watching my every move - it might even bolster my self-esteem. The first series of The Stifles features 8 creatures, with an unspecified quantity to come in the future. You can check out each character in series one here.

For about $15 each, they are a little pricier than your average blind-boxed figure, but I think I'd happily fork over my dollars to buy a few anyway. Check them out at the Büro Discount website if you are so inclined to add them to your collection. If anyone gets Spy-Kun and for some insane reason does not want him, email me.

[Thanks Niero!]

Who are The Stifles? photo
Who are The Stifles? photo
Who are The Stifles? photo
Who are The Stifles? photo
Who are The Stifles? photo

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