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Who are the Dreamlets?

9:53 AM on 06.19.2008 // Colette Bennett

Oh, there it is again -- my favorite expression on any toy. The vacant stare. It's because of that look that I feel an instant comraderie with Dreamlets, a plush series by artist Matty Harper. Not only are the Dreamlets quite reasonable to adopt at $24.95 each, but a portion of the proceeds is also donated to a small handful of charities that support creativity through art and education. Big ups on that, Matty -- a very cool choice, indeed.

Each Dreamlet has a name and personality. The blue ones are Beebee and Ceecee, the orange ones Qoindo and Thinko and the yellow Stanley and Uncle. Each also comes with its own serial number, which you can use to register them through the website once you have purchased one (or perhaps several!). If you're interested, head on over to Velocity Art and Design, where you can order them directly.

[Via Plastic and Plush]

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Colette Bennett,
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