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Who are Keybotz?

6:00 PM on 01.11.2012
Who are Keybotz? photo

Sweden has brought us many good things: Dynamite. Modern seat belts so we would go flying through the window of our cars. Detolfs. Ace of Base. The Hives. Minecraft. Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time. And perhaps next, Keybotz.

So what exactly are Keybotz? Created by graphic designer Mathias Päres, they're a mix between a keyring and a designer toy. That is, they're vinyl toys that can also hold your keys as arms. So far, a Scandinavian series has been produced, and coming soon, a series featuring Japanese artists like Itokin Park, Mad Barbarians and Zombies will be available. Even without keys, I like some of these designs quite a bit!

If you'd like to pick one up or check out all the designs, head over to the Keybotz store. They're running between US$15 and US$20, and all figures come in a book-like box, including a 16-page story and a lanyard. What do you guys think of these little fellows?


Who are Keybotz? photo
Who are Keybotz? photo
Who are Keybotz? photo
Who are Keybotz? photo
Who are Keybotz? photo
Who are Keybotz? photo

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