Who (and what) is Rivet Wars?

10:00 AM on 08.29.2011

What exactly is Rivet Wars? Well, to be honest, I had never heard of it before Steve Talkowski (a.k.a. Sketchbot) tweeted about it recently. And now, well, I'm loving the little guys!

The whole thing started off in the Toy Break forums, where Ted Terranova posted his first sketch of a tank robot. From there, Ted's ideas took off, and he began to build a world, bit by bit, that became the world of Rivet Wars, a world where the Allies fight the Blight for control of planet Rivet. From all those sketches and ideas came some ideas for toys, and just recently, Ted's had his first moulds made for his creations, starting with the tank robots that were his initial inspiration. He's also recently casted two different sizes of his Allied Grunt soldier pieces; one in scale with the tank, and the other slightly larger.

I love the little designs on these guys and might have to pick one up, as they kind of remind me of the style from Famicom/Advance Wars. You can check Ted's blog for the latest news on Rivet Wars, or to pick up the tanks or some of his very cool Rivet Wars prints, head over to his store.

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