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What Toys Are Up To: Woody is not your friend

4:00 PM on 11.03.2010

There was a break for a while in the Woody Revoltech figures I saw on my usual internet haunts, but I was pleased to see a return this week. Once again the photos come from our talented friend The One Cam, although I did find one or two in a few other places. I tell you, Woody is a strong contender for our Toy of the Year ... we'll see what happens when the voting begins next month.

So what else do we have this week? Michael Jackson's Thriller Lego style (Thanks George!), several selections from Kodomut's latest shoot (did you read our interview with him?), fun with Nendoroid faces, custom Kuroshitsuji Nendos and one of my favorite Miku mods ever.

Did you know we take user submissions for What Toys Are Up To, by the way? You can shoot them to me at anytime and I will include them, and even link back to your website! Whoa! Do it! 

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