What Toys Are Up To: Vacation

Brian Szabelski


4:00 PM on 07.13.2011

Vacation is a word on my mind lately, and not just because I'm going on a trip next week out to San Diego. Our buddy Kodomut went on vacation lately, and he took some of his toy friends along for the ride! He even visited that one toilet restaurant ... and well, Kirino seems less than enthused. And on top of that, there was a spider that poor Tsukasa ran into. A weird spider ...

In other parts of the world: Danbo and Hoi Hoi-san face-off, and darkmoming was there to capture the moment. Katkamin's Danbo, meanwhile, decided to hit the pool, and kelvin255 went on an adventure with Yotsuba. Oliver Totzke's Danbo got a brand new car (lucky fellow), while Miku learned to play a violin (via wata1219) and wandered through the grass (via Amfig). And Godzilla gave a ride to Domo and two of his Uglydoll buddies (via bad_juju2).

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