What Toys Are Up To: That's a big friggin Miku

4:00 PM on 09.29.2010

My jaw pretty much dropped when I got an eyeful of this Miku custom. It's enormous! I want a Miku I can carry around. Well, I can carry around my Nendoroid, but you know what I mean. A large scale one!

Anyway, what happened this week ... well, we got some more Woody submissions from reader Etcetera, which you can check out in the gallery, It's amazing how photos of that figure simply never get old. Also, we've got Pinky Street Pikachu customs, Figmas drinking, an absolutely yincredible take on Edward Scissorhands, and the adventures of the crocheted orange cone brigade (thanks for those, Elliot!).

What are your favorites this week?  

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