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What Toys Are Up To: Ride forth, noble steed!

4:00 PM on 03.23.2011 // Colette Bennett

Putting a figure on a mount is one of those tactics that kind of always makes you smile, but admittedly the right combo really makes for a good laugh. We found a few of those for this week's gallery, as well as a smattering of other photos that ought to make you wonder why you aren't taking photos of your own toys.

One of the gallery's highlights this week is a complete story told in toy photography by fgsite member Kago [account required]. His lovely stories told using Busou Shinki are easily some of my favorites on the web, and we hope you enjoy them.

The Hobby Search blog also showed off the new Medicom Gremlins figures at play with the Professor Layton Revoltech, and we caught some shots of those new Ghostbusters action figs. They're no Bishoujos, I guess, but it's great to see them re-enacting scenes from the classic film!

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