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What Toys Are Up To: Holding it in

4:00 PM on 08.24.2011 // Brian Szabelski

So what exactly are toys up to this week? Not peeing their pants, hopefully! It's not often we get to talk about model trains on Tomopop, but in this case, Hobby Search has posted some shots of an intricately detailed model train set-up in Japan on their blog, complete with a poor construction worker who's just got to hold it a little bit longer. But that's not the only cool detail: check out the 7-Eleven and what, if my knowledge of culture isn't mistaken, is a Shinto wedding procession, all recreated in insane detail. For a train set. That's dedication, folks.

Outside of those model train photos, there's plenty going on. Criss_garcia's Doktor A Dunny is in the lab, Cris Rose's new friends pose for the camera, Amfig's Miku Nendo and BRS figma are out and about, D-Vixion's KOSMOS is looking for a fight (and his Rei is looking gorgeous), while Samejima14 counters that Rei with a lovely shot of Kotobukiya's Test Plug Suit ver. Asuka! And to top it all off, roliboy_paliboy's got a charming set of photos of Yotsuba and a family of Danbos out exploring the big wide world in summer.

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