What Toys Are Up To: All of Yuki's secrets

Jun 08 // Colette Bennett

Look at that Yuki. Doesn't she just look as if she has a heart full of secrets, all ready to unlock? I can't help but think so. Maybe it's the glasses and the coat, or the angle of the photograph, but still, I kind of want to hug her and let her know she can tell me anything. I'll keep your secrets, Yuki!

In the gallery this week, we have some excellent reader submissions from Emil in the form of Evangelion gashapon figures, as well as cute Nendoroid shots, figma Yuki with some custom-made weapons, figma heads on the wrong bodies (which somehow is always funny), more handmade Busou Shinki outfits, and much more. 

As usual, if you'd like to submit your own toy photos for this feature, you can send them to us at colette@tomopop.com. Don't forget, you can also submit them for our Monthly Megapixel feature to win free toys every month! 

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