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What Toys Are Up To: Adventures with cameras!

7:00 PM on 05.04.2011

If you've paid attention to my posts here and read between the lines, you may know that besides my love of toys, I also have an obsessive love of cameras. I can't stop collecting them, I find myself developing an addiction to buying vintage ones and hunting down film for them, and I'm a sucker for any sort of camera related memorabilia. Imagine my delight, then, when I found these shots of custom cameras made for toys!

There's a few more shots of these remarkable miniatures in the gallery, along with Nedoroid fun with Legos, a threeA meets Hatsune Miku custom (yay for that Good Smile/threeA alliance!), some Obama doll madness, and a bit more from last week's frolic in the cherry blossoms. A lovely week, all in all.

Got photos for us? Send them my way at We'd love to feature your toy photography in this feature!

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